Beside Unity Bank, Ebis Junction, Biogbolo - Epie, P.O. Box 303 Yenagoa, Bayelsa State
Subsidiary of Boansvisions Life Enterprise


1. What Is VIWealths Out For?
VIWealths is out to help people actualize their Big Dreamed Lives to give lives the life that worth living for.
2. How Is This Mission Possible?
This is possible through our Five Levels Deep Sales Commission plan (6 x 5 Matrix) for the sale of our potential ebooks where 97% of the total sales are distributed to member and 3% goes to admin for
3. What does VIWealths have for sale?
VIWealths have potential information products available for circulation. This information are valuable to all because if one is not informed, he will be deform and if one is informed, he/she will be transformed. And people are needed for the circulation of these products.
Yes! We have information materials like, *How to design a Professional Website like THIS, *Bulksms Portal like THIS, *Forex Market Trading Materials *How to start a business with Two Hundred (N200) Only and make N45,000 in a month, etc which values above N45,000.00 in market.
4. How much can I make from the Sales Commission Plan?
VIWealths have programmed it for just this purpose. You can make as much as N4,575,060 from this Sales Commissions just by telling friends to buy (register for) the products. More details on Business Plan page
5. How many friends do I have to introduce?
You can introduce/refer up to 6 persons. But it all depends on your dream level. The maximum you can refer under you is 6, you earning is a product of the number you refer; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Only 1 person that you refer can still earn you up to the sum of N762,510.00 if that one person is active to maintain 6 referral network.
6. When will I receive my commissions?
Your commissions will be paid to your e-wallet at 12:00AM each day as the system automatically runs payout at 12:00AM daily. And whenever you want to transfer you e-wallet amount to your bank account, just login and request for withdrawal under Payment Options in your Members Panel. And your money will be transferred to your Provide Bank Account between 2-6 working hours.
7. Are there withdrawal charges?
Yes! Withdrawal attracts:
Bank Transfer fee of N150 charge for Bank Withdrawal.
Online Transfer fee of 5% of your withdrawing sum for Online Transfer to VoguePay.Com Accounts.
8. How many accounts can I have?
You are expected to have only one account, if you complete your maximum referral space of 6 persons, register your rest referrals under your downlines (follows).
9. How much is the Registration Fee?
The Registration fee is N3000 only and there is not other payment at all after the purchase of the E-book with this sum.
10. How do I register (buy the book)?
To register, you need a registration voucher by paying the registration sum of the N3000 only Here and email or text (SMS) the payment details to: or 2348076713442 (SMS ONLY)
Payments are made Online, in the Head Office or Accredited Centers Only.
11. How many months/years will it take me to circle out?
It depends on individual abilities and capabilities, and the team you work with. It can take 4 months or less. It can also take up to 5 months or more. If you and your team members can complete your referrals in 2 weeks each, then in 2.5 months your circle out. So it all depends on you.
12. Will VIWealths not collapse like others?
This is not possible because VIWealths is unlike other MLM system. We (VIWealths) have valuable products that a relevant to both youths and adults which the registration purchases, so VIWealths system has come to start to bless lives.
13. Can I use my e-wallet to buy voucher for intending member?
Yes. You can collect cash from your intending down lines and Buy the Registration Voucher from your e-wallet and registration the person immediately.
14. Can I re-enter after circling out?
YES. You re-enter with 5000.00 only
15.Final Words
if you can dream/visualize it, you can equally live it. Join the team Now. There is NO RISK NOr REGRET. “Hard I know” is for the fools!